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WinePal Pro-Electric Opener

WinePal Pro-Electric Opener

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Single Set Includes

1* Electric Opener

1* USB Charging Cable

Our Single Set Wireless Wine Openers come in three colors. Silver Red and Black

Deluxe Set includes

1 * Corkscrew +

1 * Foil Cutter +

1 * Aerator Pourer +

1* Vacuum Stopper +

1 * Storage Base

*AA batteries not included

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ---Yani

"This is a really nice wine opener set. Looks super fancy for a great price.I actually ordered this as a gift for a house warming. I paired it with a nice bottle of wine and my girlfriend was so pleased with the gift that she immediately threw out her manual opener- I thought that was hysterical! LolIt’s super easy to use, charges up fast, and holds the charge. "

Love to wine and dine but tired of old fashioned corkscrews?

Cover. Press. Done.

This amazing electric wine opener set saves you time and the hassle and disappointment of poor function and lost flavor

Automated Opener

Opens bottles with the touch of a button. The wireless electronic can open up to 70 bottles on a full charge

Simple & Fast Operation

Unlike manual corkscrews which can be tedious and spoil the wine if not done properly. The Wine Pal Pro helps you effortlessly extract a cork

Accentuates Taste

The included stem attachment enhances aeration, the increased oxygen wakes up the wine. Allowing the wine to breathe, releasing its full aroma and flavor

Preserves the Flavor

The vacuum stopper keeps the wine aroma and fresh taste. And preserves purity by pumping the air out. Keeps opened bottle fresh for up to 7 days. Ensuring each sip is as delightful as the first.

Deluxe Set Includes

1 * Corkscrew +

1 * Foil Cutter +

1 * Aerator Pourer +

1* Vacuum Stopper +

1 * Storage Base

*AA batteries not included

A Great Gift for Your Loved One

Enhance your wine drinking experience. Makes for a wonderful gift . A chance to express your gratitude for your partner, family and friends. Celebrate with a timeless gift you can enjoy together

Experience 100% Satisfaction Guranteed

Satisfaction is our priority. We give you the ability to test out the wine set.  If you are not absolutely delighted with your purchase, simply return the wine set within 30 days for a full refund.

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